what is the third leg of the stool you’re sitting on?

Jesus Christ

The title of this post is an interesting question, isn’t it? This is a concept that I first heard when I went to spiritual direction a couple of years ago. This is an important analogy that everyone should evaluate in their lives.

Think of a stool and the stability of it. The third leg is key here. If that third leg is wobbly, loose or unstable, your whole stool is unstable and not suitable for sitting, right? Well, this stool can be thought of as your life and the stability is your spiritual safety and happiness. It all depends on what you use as that third leg, or to put it more plainly, what you use to fill the voids in your life.

All of us are born with a longing for something. Some may have certain wounds that further drive this longing. Unfortunately, many fill the void with unstable, worldly things: sex, drugs, shopping, money, fame, even other people. The common denominator here is none of these things withstand time because none of these things are Jesus Christ. People come and go, sexual relationships come and go…. material things, money, fame… they all come and go and are always changing. Jesus Christ does not… He never changes, He never falters…. He is stable. 

This is why we must always have Jesus as that third leg. This is not to say that you don’t need other people in your life, or that material things are bad (of course, in moderation), but do not put all your weight on these things as they will not hold you. Only He can!

That longing we all have deep within us is a gift from God and is meant to lead us to Him. Let it! Though I heard this years ago and it really put things into perspective, I falter in it and must constantly be reevaluating what I am truly using to support my life and spirituality. I invite you to evaluate your life today keeping this analogy in mind as will I!

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